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What Makes Sliding Doors a Good Option for Your Home

Just as with windows, there are multiple types of doors with different features. There is no right or wrong door, but there are ones that will better fit your space than others. The best way to decide what type of doors are best for your house is to consider your needs and preferences, as well as the structure and design of your home. Regardless if you decide to go with manual doors or automatic doors, always make sure they are energy efficient and come with the safety features you are looking for.

Sliding doors are common because they allow design freedom, and can easily adapt to either contemporary, classic or modern design. Even though the main purpose of sliding doors is to protect the entrance of your patio, they can successfully be used in a wide variety of backgrounds to separate different areas of your house.

True design lovers understand that sliding doors can enhance any space. The flexibility of design is irresistible for many, and the possibilities are endless. Especially when you work with a team as experienced as the Chicago Window Guys that know doors just as well as they know windows. From wood doors to glass doors, our portfolio of products is quite impressive if you ask us… or any of our clients. You just need to choose your favorite sliding door material and design, and we'll take care of the rest!

What Features Should a High-Quality Sliding Door Have

If you opt for glass doors, keep in mind there is much more to consider than the material. You should learn a thing or two about low-E glass, screen types, window units, and glass panels, among other things, or simply give us a call, and we'll recommend the best type of sliding doors for your house.

While some may think getting glass doors is a bad idea, others may know the facts behind the benefits of having these types of doors. Glass doors create the illusion of a bigger space and the possibility to take advantage of natural light as much as possible. Furthermore, if they are watertight doors they can provide the benefit of bringing nature inside without compromising on comfort. These smooth operation doors are space-saving because they open by sliding along horizontal tracks.

Working with Chicago Window Guys means working with the finest professionals who can ensure:


  • Flawless door installation process
  • A collection of various door types, including exterior doors, patio doors, entry doors, French doors, screen doors, and bi-parting doors
  • A wide variety of door materials, including glass and fiberglass doors
  • Various door designs, from traditional design to curved designs
  • High-precision hardware
    made in the U.S. commercial products
  • Exceptional energy-efficient features
  • Prompt sliding glass door repair
Sliding Door Installation

Whether you're just making repairs or engaging in a renovation project to improve your home's curb appeal, we've got the types of doors you need in all the colors, handle sets, and styles you could want.

Chicago Window Guys brings you the highest quality materials and years of experience installing doors. Our professionals will help select the right materials, colors, and styles for your space. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

Should I replace my Sliding Door?

If your sliding door needs replacement, you'll know it! The most common signs that betray the wear of a sliding door are:

  • There is a misalignment with the tracks that makes the door get stuck or pop-off
  • The glass panes trap moisture and fog up
  • There is a gap between the doors and the frame
  • The door gets caught or stuck against its frame
  • It allows for water leaks and drafts
  • The frame presents damages

If you are experiencing at least one of these signs, your door is no longer delivering its optimal energy efficiency performance. Your door's deterioration is likely costing you money. Opt to replace your door with a high-quality product and get the best team of professionals to perform the installation. The difference hides in the product details and workmanship! Call Chicago Window Guys today for all of your door installations and door replacement needs.


Other Types of Doors We Offer

Each home can have a variety of doors that need replacement, Chicago Window Guys has you covered:

Whether your project involves the installation or replacement of just one door or one hundred, we will take it. Our team knows that every door is important and has the right tools, experience, and knowledge to provide you with the perfect doors. From exterior door installations to garage door installation, if the project involves the installation of a door, we are the guys to call!

Door installation experts ready to serve the Chicagoland area

Chicago Window Guys provides service throughout the Chicagoland area, including but not limited to:

  • Chicago

  • Arlington Heights

  • Aurora

  • Bolingbrook

  • Elgin

  • Evanston

  • Joliet

  • Lake Bluff

  • Lake Forest

  • Libertyville

  • McHenry

  • Naperville

  • Schaumburg

  • St. Charles

  • Waukegan

  • Wheaton

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Our Window Installation Process

No matter if you have one window or 1000, our team of licensed experts will help you each step of the way. All of our windows feature fully customizable hardware recessed into the frame for a modern appearance and state of the art functionality.
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Pick the Perfect Color

When you work with Chicago Window guys, you get to make the choices and the decisions. You will also get to choose the color you like most for your door. It can be the one that best suits the aspect of your home or the one that matches the color of your eyes. Your wish is our command! Regardless of the chosen color, your door will be of the highest quality, energy-efficient, and designed to last any caprice Chicago's weather might have in the years to come.

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Other colors are available upon request

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about door installation? This experienced door installation company has the answers:
1What happens during the first in-home appointment?
The first time we visit your home, we'll talk about your project. The goal of the visit is two-fold: first, we will look at the door or doors that need to be replaced or installed; second, we’ll show you product examples and give you advice on what door is most suitable for your space, your home, your budget, your needs, etc. This is when we can talk about the cost of installation services and the average installation price for your project. The consultation will last somewhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Please ensure the areas to be inspected are clean and accessible. If we will be looking at an exterior door, we recommend that pets are accommodated accordingly prior to the visit.
2What’s included in the service?
Our door installation service includes;
  • Home consultation with one of our door installation professionals
  • Measurement of door openings to ascertain the size and dimensions
  • Professional recommendations regarding door styles, materials, glass types based on the space and your home
  • Quote for all labor and materials and financing options if available
  • Removal of existing door
  • Delivery and installation of your choice of door size, style, frame material, color, glass type, etc.
  • Installation of your new door or doors.
3Is there a limit to how many doors I can have installed?
Chicago Window Guys knows no limits! We’re happy to help you replace a single door or all the doors in your home and the neighbor's home. We’re here for you!
4Do you install any type of door?
  • We install all types of door sizes and styles (exterior, interior, French, patio, panel, etc.).
  • We manage a large variety of frame materials (wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, etc.)
  • We also have options for doors with different energy ratings (Energy Star, NFRC)

Why Choose The Window Guy?

We have 25 years of experience in the field of window and door installation. If not us then who? We know windows, we know doors, and we know what customers need to be satisfied with the final product.

Chicago Window Guys keeps it real and will never try to make you purchase services you don't need. If you only need one door installed, then we will recommend just the one. We have not lasted so long in the business because we cut corners and relied on shortcuts. We provide a straightforward, transparent, and reliable door installation service. We don't need to convince you should get new sliding doors for your entire home. It's enough to see our products, and you'll gladly decide to have all your doors replaced. Give us a call!

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