Your Guide to Choosing a New Picture Window

picture window

Do you have a beautiful view from your home that’s blocked by an obstruction or a window that’s too small?

You may be able to see the potential in what an incredible view could be but there are some things standing in your way. For starters, if you don’t have the right window, you won’t be able to capture the view no matter where you sit in the home.

Installing a picture window and removing any outdoor obstruction in the path of the view is the easiest way to get what you’ve been missing. Read on to learn more about how to select the right picture window for your room!

What Is a Picture Window?

Good question! A picture window differs from other kinds of windows for a few reasons. For one its larger. You can get them single paned, or they can come with other materials like wood, metal or vinyl that break up the glass, creating a pattern.

Because picture windows are large, you’ll need to be sure you want to get a lot of natural light wherever you decide to place it. If it’s a room where you don’t want streaming sunlight or glare on a television, this may not be the right space.

Picture windows are most commonly seen in living rooms or other spaces where there is a great view of the outdoors. This is essential when determining if a picture window is right for you because whatever is visible outside, will become even more obvious once this type of window is installed.

Keep in mind that picture windows don’t open so you want to be confident you don’t need air flow from the outdoors in that particular room.


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Types of Picture Windows

There are several different materials you can decide between when purchasing your picture window. The most common material is wood although this is usually the most expensive.

An alternative to wood would be vinyl. This option is less expensive and it will require less maintenance. Both wood and vinyl options are energy efficient and can help you cut down on your bill once the window is installed.

The least expensive and also the least efficient type is aluminum. You may be saving now on the material and installation but you won’t be making up for it in terms of energy efficiency down the road.


Price on a picture window can vary depending on which company you select when purchasing the material and installation. You’ll also have to determine whether you want a custom picture window or will be selecting a pre-cut shape for your home.

A custom window will always be more expensive.

The number one factor when it comes to cost will be the type of glass you select and how energy efficient it is. The more efficient, the more costly. The glass fill and the number of glass panes you select will also factor into the overall cost.

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Now that you know the ins and outs of the picture window, consider if it’s the right choice for your home. It could be a great addition, elevate your space, give you the view you’ve always wanted, and decrease your energy bill.

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