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Installing custom windows in your home comes with various benefits. It is not just about aesthetics.

A custom window can provide you and your family with comfort, quality, and efficiency. Energy-efficiency is one of the main features you should look for when installing windows. If your windows are old, replacing them with energy-efficient windows will have a significant impact on your energy bills.

According to the Department of Energy, the heat loss through your windows is responsible for over 30% of your energy use.

Upgrading your windows will also bring you great comfort.

Remember that windows are one of the main elements that will help the natural light from outside illuminate your home. Another significant benefit of a custom window is that you decide how you want it.

Don’t forget the aesthetic benefits of a custom window. Keep in mind that windows are a crucial element that affects your house’s entire aesthetic. That is one of the main reasons why custom windows add more value to your home.

It helps sell your home because, typically, new home-owners don’t want to invest in new windows if they need to be replaced, making them choose another house instead of yours. According to research done by a real estate agency, HomeLight, having your windows installed before selling your home could add up to almost $10.000 to its value.

Recent Professional Window Replacement in Wheaton, IL

We wanted to share a recent project we completed in Wheaton, Illinois, west of downtown Chicago.

Wheaton is a suburban city with plenty of parks, fairgrounds, theaters, and shops. It is home to the prestigious Chicago Golf Club.

We’ve reached out to our fantastic customer base to bring you a real customer experience story.

One of our fabulous customers, a homeowner, agreed to share his story.

Window Installation

Window Installation Scope of Work

They found the Chicago Window Guys and called them immediately to get a quote for their custom window replacement. They instantly felt comfortable and made the arrangements to get the window installed.

Selecting New Windows

We quoted them a great rate on our most popular and highest quality window – the 8000 series.

The 8000 series are double-hung windows, which are optimized for year-round comfort and energy savings. They feature an insulating argon gas-filled chamber between the panes for insulation. The panes themselves come with three low-E coating layers to reflect heat while allowing light to pass through.

The 8000 series windows come in 6 standard interiors and 5 standard exterior color choices from white to cherry or royal brown.

If none of the standard colors are doing it for you, there is also a large assortment of designer finishes and colors to match any décor.

For this project, they chose black for the exterior and paintable wood for the interior.


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Project Timeline

In just one day, the custom window was installed. The customer was more than happy with the finished result and amazed by how fast and clean our team worked.

Product & Installation Warranty

Since window warranty is transferable to new owners, in case the owners decide to move, the new owners will benefit from the product warranty.

Window Exterior


  • A homeowner in Wheaton, Illinois. (DuPage County), met Chicago Window Guys and immediately requested a quote.
  • The customer purchased the best window at the best price – the 8000 series.
  • They got their custom window installed in only one day! The job done was excellent, fast, and very clean.
  • Our products’ lifetime warranty will apply to new owners if they decide to move from that house.


Everybody expects to receive the best service and products when they recognize the fact that they need to replace something in their home, or generally when they need to purchase a service or product.

At Chicago Window Guys, we are experts that guarantee to get the job right the first time.

Our highest quality window components include:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Premium CS Ultra Foam Space
  • Full-Fusion Welding Systems
  • Multi-chamber vinyl sash and frames
  • High-Precision hardware
  • HandMade-in-America
  • Multi-Point Locking System
  • Licensed and Insured Contractors

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