5 Obvious Signs You Need Replace Windows

when to replace windows

Did you know that windows aren’t made to last forever? You may not have thought about it, but the windows in your home, like most other fixtures, need to be replaced from time to time.

Sometimes deciding when to replace windows is an obvious choice. Other times, keen investigative skills are needed.

We have 5 telltale signs that it is time for new panes. Keep reading for more information!

Warped and Broken

If your windows are actually broken, you’re probably already considering their replacements. It is also important to replace windows even if they are ‘only’ cracked or warped.

Windows warp due to moisture that is retained in wood. So, if this is the reason you are replacing them, consider replacing the frames as well.

Condensation Is Found on Glass

There should be no moisture present on the inside of your windows. Condensation is a bit less obvious than having rain gush into your house, but it is just as important to notice.

Condensation forming on windows is an indicator that the entire home is at risk for mold. Although this problem is more common with single-paned windows, it does occur with double-paned glass.

When double-paned windows show condensation, it is usually because there is a leak. Argon gas is what fills the gap between panes to serve as insulation. When there are leaks and that gas escapes, you will begin to notice moisture gathering on the glass.

Difficulties Opening and Closing

Your windows should be fairly easy to open. If they’re not, this is likely due to the tracks on the window not being functional anymore. For a quick fix, rub a bit of dishwashing liquid on them, this will not solve the problem permanently but will allow for it to be opened.

Another common problem associated with opening and closing windows is when they just won’t stay open! This is frustrating and many people tend to wedge it open, however, this isn’t a great idea for safety reasons.

Increasing Energy Bills

Your energy bill is likely to increase when your windows are failing. Windows should keep cold air in, and hot air out in the summer; while the opposite is true for the winter.

Windows that are not working properly will cause you to run your HVAC unit incessantly. This is the biggest reason for your increased bills.

Lock It Up

Being unable to lock your windows is a huge security risk. Leaving windows unlocked also allows air to escape which goes back to the problem above.

Locking problems can happen for several reasons. Sometimes, it can be related to caulking or other obstructions, while other times it can be related to a foundational shift.

If you determine the problem is because of the frame, it will make it that much easier to decide when to replace windows.

When to Replace Windows Answered

Deciding when to replace windows doesn’t have to be difficult. Actually, it can be as simple as realizing your home is ready for a makeover.

You can learn about all of the options for panes, installation, and what choice is best for your home by checking out our blog!

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