What Window Installers Should Ask YOU

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Things Window Installers Should Ask YOU When Quoting

You are prepared with your list of questions to ask potential window installers, but have you given any thought as to what questions those installers should ask you when you request a quote? The questions installers ask can tell you a lot about their level of attention to detail as well as their quality and professionalism.

Here are the top questions you should expect a reputable installer to ask before providing you a quote:

What Type of Windows Do You Prefer?

Windows come in all sorts of shapes and styles. It is important for a window installer to know what type of window you are interested in prior to giving you a quote. If you aren’t sure which type of window you are looking for, a quality installer should be willing to discuss the window types and help you determine which is best for you.

What Size Windows Do You Need?

Larger windows and custom size or shape windows cost more than factory standard sizes. Manufacturers may also provide discount pricing on certain standard sizes if they have excess stock. If your windows are available at a reduced price, the installer should be able to pass those savings on to you.


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How Many Windows Will You Be Ordering?

In general, the more windows you order, the more likely you are to get a price break. An installer should ensure they have a total window count prior to crunching the numbers. This will allow them to give you the best quote possible.

What Level of Efficiency Are You Looking For?

Windows come in single, double, and even triple-pane. Each additional pane decreases heat transfer and increases energy efficiency. What this means for you is a lower heating bill in the winter and a lower cooling bill in the summer.

An installer should check with you to see if the upgrade to triple pane is worth it or if you would prefer to stick with dual pane.

What Floor Will The Windows Be Installed On?

If you have ever done projects while standing on a ladder, you know that it simply takes longer to do the same project while on a ladder than it does if you are standing on the ground. The window installation is the same. If all your windows are being installed on the ground floor, your installation will be faster and less costly than if you have second-story windows that require ladders and other logistics.

Are You Aware of Any Structural Damage to the Areas Surrounding the Windows?

The installer will be able to calculate a reasonably accurate average labor cost based on how long they expect installation to take. The amount of time it takes to install windows is based on several known factors such as the type of windows, number of windows, and what floor of the house the windows are being installed on.

The unknown variable that could affect the actual installation time, and therefore the labor cost, is any structural damage to the surrounding areas. If the building’s structure has water damage from old, leaky windows, the structural integrity concerns will need to be addressed prior to installation. By asking about any known damages upfront, window installers are supplying you with the most accurate possible estimation of installation costs.