What Does Door Installation Cost? + 3 Other FAQ About Door Replacement

door installation cost

Getting your new home ready is a tough endeavor. There are a lot of steps that you have to take to ensure your house is ready for people to live in. Doors are one of those steps.

With all of the different door designs and choices you can make, you need to spend some time on it. One of the main questions you should ask is: how much does a door installation cost? Here, we’ll break down what a door installation should cost and what it entails.

Door Installation Cost

On average, installing a door costs around $900. Typically, a homeowner will spend anywhere between $400 to $1400 on door installation, depending on the location, complexity, and effort needed. For interior types of door frames, it might cost anywhere from $100 to $1000 dollars. For entryways, that cost could go up substantially.

Besides the door’s installation, you have to think about the frame as well. Usually, installing or fixing door frames cost around $500. The price will vary based on the size of the opening and other factors.

When looking at the cost, the biggest determining factor is material. The cost for hollow and basic doors are much cheaper than doors made of solid oak or glass.

Different Material Cost

Some of the most common materials include wood, wood veneer, aluminum, fiberglass, or even steel. There are some other more uncommon options and they each have unique characteristics that influence their cost.

Beyond the material, doors come in different styles, such as flushed, arched, glass, pocket, or sliding. Here, we’ll break down what some materials would typically cost and why you should choose that material for your home.


For an interior wooden door, it typically costs $40 to $200, while solid wood doors cost $150 to $500. These prices are usually for exterior doors. Wooden doors are common and popular choices that come in a wide variety of styles.


For steel entry doors, it might cost anywhere from $500 to $1300 to install or replace. Steel is cheap but durable. It’s also great at handling a wide variety of weather conditions. It can potentially get dented or scratched, though.


These doors can cost $150 up to $5000. If you’re looking at fiberglass, they have a lot of benefits. They’re available in smooth or even wood grain textures. They don’t require maintenance and are energy efficient.

FAQ About Door Replacement

Now that you’ve decided what material and door you’d like to go with, let’s break down the requirements when it comes to door replacements.

Removing doors, whether they’re interior or exterior, usually takes about an hour. The professional will probably charge a disposal fee for the door in question. For exterior doors, the price is a little more expensive due to the layers of material, any homeowner traffic, and weather conditions. For interior door removals, the main points of concern are usually dust and debris.

Typically, a professional will measure the width of your door opening (from the left edge of the door to the right edge of the door horizontally) and the height of the door. They don’t take any weatherstripping into account. Then you’ll want to measure the depth of the door and the wall from the interior to the exterior trim. This will give you a good idea of how to measure a door for replacements.

While it might seem cost effective to replace a door on your own, hiring a professional can prevent further costs from incurring due to incorrect installations. If you are keen on replacing the door on your own, be sure to frame the door evenly, have a professional finish carpenter handle your trim, and level the floor and frame before installation.

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