Time to Install Replacement Windows: DIY or Hire Experts?

install replacement windows

Windows are a pleasing home feature with an extended purpose of energy efficiency. New windows reshape the home’s design, inside and out, often increasing its curb appeal.

Perhaps you decided its time to install replacement windows.

Your choice is split doing it yourself or hiring professionals. While saving on labor costs sound appealing, DIY renovations aren’t for everyone. This article compares DIY and expert installation so you won’t make costly mistakes.

The Pros and Cons of DIY Window Replacement

What sounds like a simple swap can turn into a home renovation nightmare. A window replacement isn’t an “I’ll come back to it” project. Knowing your abilities are a priority before exposing your home to the elements.

Let’s measure the good and bad of a DIY window replacement:


  • Costs — The materials cost to install replacement windows are at retail but the labor is your own. This cuts the replacement costs in half if you’re committed to the project.
  • Training — Any home reno project can add to your skillset. This project could inspire new ones benefiting the home’s value and efficiency. Many tools used in the project are commonplace in other projects, too.
  • Selection — A pro may nudge your decision based on an upsell. DIY lets you stick to the exact window design & material you intend without pressure.


  • Warranty — You incur the costs if the window breaks during installation versus a pro redoing it if it’s not exact. Your warranty may not cover improper installation and its subsequent damage, too.
  • Haste and Waste — Professionals deal with weather and project changes all the time. Could you handle a sudden downpour or snow flurry?
  • Mistakes — An improper window installation could become a major energy waste. Add this to several windows and the “savings” could have paid pros doing it right the first time.


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The Pros and Cons of Expert Window Replacement

The home renovation nightmare can happen two ways. The other caused by infuriating professionals and/or company installers. But, a well-researched expert could turn a nightmare project into a delightful renovation.

Let’s measure the good and bad of local window installers:


  • Materials Price — Reputable companies have great connections with suppliers and manufacturers. This may drive window costs far lower than what’s available at a local home improvement store.
  • License and Certification — These two add a layer of protection knowing the work is in good hands. This includes ensuring installation is up-to-code and backed by documentation.
  • Transparency — An expert provides answers to questions revealing the project’s true cost. You won’t second-guess your abilities knowing it’s in good hands.


  • Labor Price — Professional services command professional pricing. This can turn costly if you intend a large project and can’t space it out.
  • Shady Characters — It’s not uncommon to find fly-by-night operations lurking your town. These individuals provide a shoddy job, long gone before the real problems appear.
  • Timing — You’re at the will of the expert. An expert with a large backlog delays work. This could waste money until then if the window(s) remain inefficient.

The Best Option to Install Replacement Windows

We’re not here to discourage you undertaking a home renovation project. But we do hope you see the value of contacting a professional to install replacement windows.

This article gave you an oversight of both choices. DIY is great at saving costs if you’re handy but devastating if inexperienced. Expert installations, while costing more, guarantee a sure completion.

Don’t think the DIY route is for you? Talk to our experts.