The Ultimate Guide to Door Replacement

door replacement

Replacing an old, worn door with a stylish new one is a great idea. This improves the look of your home while also increasing energy efficiency. After a few years, doors can become warped or cracked, allows drafty air to seep in. This can significantly impact your heating and cooling bill.

You don’t have to be a master carpenter to replace a door in your home. All you need for door replacement are a few basic tools and some DIY attitude.

The Ultimate Guide to Door Replacement

Are you wondering whether it’s time to replace your door, or how to do it? We’ve got the ultimate guide to door replacement here to help.

How to Know When it’s Time to Replace Your Door

There are plenty of obvious signs that an old door needs to go. Perhaps it no longer closes securely, or you can feel a draft around the edges.

Over a period of years door get scratched and dinged, and just in general start to look aged and unattractive. Or maybe you’re tired of seeing a crack in the glass. Whatever the case, installing a replacement can be a fun and easy project.

It’s always a smart idea to consider replacing old doors or windows.

Removing the Old Door

This is a simple matter of tapping the hinge pins out with a hammer and swinging the door out of the frame. The old door will be heavy so use caution as you lift it out and place it safely aside.

Door Measurements

Measure the width and height of your old door. Round these up to full inches to find the correct size of your door. Be sure to compensate for the jamb width and the rough opening. The jamb width insures that the exterior trim will fit flush to the wall so that you won’t need to add jamb extensions.

Type of Door to Buy

The type of door you install will of course depend on whether you are replacing an interior door, or exterior. As far as the type of material, you can select from steel, fiberglass, or wood.

Installing the New Door

The goal is to set the door in the opening and then shim the sides until they’re plumb and straight. You’ll need to adjust the shims so that the gap between the door and the jamb is consistent on the sides and top of the door. Once you’re happy with the fit, put a nail through each shim into the frame.

The Benefits of New Doors in Your Home

The cost of door replacement depends on the quality of the materials. But the new door will pay for itself as you notice the savings on your energy bills in years to come.

Installing new doors is a relatively painless process that will reward you in energy savings and pride of ownership as you see how great your home looks with this simple improvement process!

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