Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

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You may not have thought about it, but the windows in your home, like most other fixtures, need to be replaced from time to time. Sometimes deciding when to replace windows is an obvious choice. Other times, keen investigative skills are needed.

So, ask yourself this: how long have you had your windows? If you’re not sure of the answer, chances are that it’s time to get new ones. However, you don’t need to keep track of their lifespan. They’ll let you know when they’re getting too old.

When to replace your windows

If you look for the right signs, it’s easy to know when to replace your windows. Here are the most common signs that let you know the time has come for new panes.

Your windows are damaged

Are your windows warped, cracked, or chipped? Are they leaking or letting drafts in? This could be from gradual wear and tear, or immediate damage as a result of a storm. Either way, you should rectify this immediately.

If your windows are actually broken, you’re probably already considering their replacements. It is also important to replace windows even if they are ‘only’ cracked or warped. Windows warp due to moisture retained in wood. So, if this is the reason you are replacing them, consider replacing the frames as well.

There are signs of condensation inside the window

There should be no moisture present on the inside of your windows. Condensation is a bit less obvious than having rain gush into your house, but it is just as important to notice. Your windows should provide a tight seal. If that seal is worn or broken, moisture can get inside, and give way to condensation or even ice. This can also cause mold to form, which will eventually start to rot the window frame.

Although this problem is more common with single-paned windows, it does occur with double-paned glass too. When double-paned windows show condensation, it is usually because there is a leak. Argon gas is what fills the gap between panes to serve as insulation. When there are leaks and that gas escapes, you will begin to notice moisture gathering on the glass. To keep damage to a minimum, you should replace your windows as soon as you notice this problem.

You have difficulties opening and closing the window

Your windows should be fairly easy to open. If they’re not, this is likely due to the tracks on the window not being functional anymore. The tracks may have warped and become misaligned, or they’re clogged with dirt. This means you have to wrestle with your window just to get it to work. For a quick fix, rub a bit of dishwashing liquid on them. This will not solve the problem permanently but will allow for it to be opened.

Another common problem associated with the opening and closing of windows appears when they can’t stay open! Not being able to leave their window open is frustrating and many people tend to wedge it open. However, this isn’t a great idea for safety reasons. If it has come to this, it’s about time you considered having new windows installed.

You have higher energy bills to pay

Your energy bill is likely to increase when your windows are failing. Windows should keep cold air in, and hot air out in the summer; while the opposite is true for the winter. Windows that are not working properly will cause you to run your HVAC unit incessantly. This is the biggest reason for your increased bills.

New windows can cut your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint. They’ll provide great insulation, keeping warm air in during the winter and letting it out during the summer. That way, you don’t have to spend so much on heating and cooling your home.

You’re selling or renovating your home

If you’re renovating your property, it’s a good time to replace your windows. If you don’t, they could leave your home looking outdated or mismatched. Or it might be time to update the aesthetic of your home. If you still have single-pane windows, it certainly is. Bring your windows up to date with double glazing!

You should also consider replacing them before you put your house on the market. A new set of windows can have a surprising effect on the value of your home. You’ll not only be much more likely to sell your home quickly, but you’ll also be able to increase the asking price. The extra expense is well worth it. In fact, it can give you up to 85% return on your investment.

How to choose your replacement windows

Deciding when to replace windows doesn’t have to be difficult. Actually, it can be as simple as realizing your home is ready for a makeover. It is one of the fastest ways to renovate your home and their installation takes only a few days. However, do you know which replacement windows to buy?

Decide if your windows need replacement or repairing

Before investing in replacement windows, it is recommended to assess your current windows thoroughly and see if you can’t fix the problem. Are your old windows cheap, or were they high-quality? If you find yourself with drafty, rattling windows, you may not need to replace them.

A good carpenter can work wonders by freeing up painted windows. They can replace broken panes or hardware. They can even add weather stripping or reframe the window. Overhauls like this cost somewhere in the range of $100 to $350 for parts and labor. The main problem with window repairing is that it is temporary. You are patching the problem, not fixing it. Over time you will lose money.

Choose energy-efficient windows

The average heating and cooling bill for Americans is around $1000 a year. Some homes can get as much as 40% in energy savings if they opt for energy-efficient windows. This could provide you with a ROI of less than 10 years depending on the number of windows in your home.

Select the appropriate window material

In today’s industry, lumber is grown and farmed quickly. This process produces lighter, less dense wood. That’s why window wooden frames today are less sturdy than those produced a hundred years ago. If you’re on a budget, consider vinyl than wood. Vinyl windows are by far the most affordable choice. They stand up well to all the elements and require no maintenance. You can use this free replacing windows cost calculator to get a better idea of how much you’ll have to spend.

Opt for windows that guarantee your security

No matter which price point you shoot for, check the security features. Some of the most expensive windows on the market come with breakable glass, flimsy latches, and low-grade materials. Make the safety and security of your loved ones a priority. Yes, even for second and third-floor windows. Talented thieves bring ladders.

Select windows that complement your home style

Aesthetics matter when it comes to windows! Did you know that choosing the wrong windows can decrease the value of your house? It may also make your house less appealing. That makes all the difference in a buyers’ market. Find windows that copy the original architectural pattern. It may be worth your while to find a similar replacement.

Let the experts replace your windows

Replacing a window is not as easy as it sounds. You need to make sure the new window fits properly and assures the highest level of security and comfort. If you don’t want to busy yourself with the details of window replacing, call us! We are the experts your windows need!

Don’t just call in any old contractor to install your new windows. Make sure you use a company that has a great portfolio and track record in the industry. At Chicago Window Guys, we have 25 years of experience in installing top-quality windows. Get free pricing on new windows for your home today.

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