Replacement Windows: 5 Things You Need to Know

replacement windows

Curious about replacement windows?

Did you know that installing new windows is one of the home improvements that add the most value to your home? It also happens to be one of the fastest renovations you can buy. It only takes a few days for installation.

Don’t head to your local home improvement store yet. There are a few things you should know before your purchase.

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Paying for Themselves

If you’re looking to repair or replace windows, the two biggest benefits are that they’ll improve the resale value of your house and save on energy costs. For that, they’re worth the money.

New windows can cut down on your power bills. Each month that goes by with inefficient windows, you are losing money. Your money is going out the window.

The average heating and cooling bill for Americans is around $1000 a year. Some home can get as much as 40% in energy savings. This could provide you with a roi of less than 10 years depending on the number of windows in your home.


In today’s industry, lumber is grown and farmed quickly. This process produces lighter, less dense wood. That’s why window wooden frames today are less sturdy than those produced a hundred years ago.

If you’re on a budget, consider vinyl than wood. Vinyl windows are far and away the most affordable choice. They stand up well to all the elements and require no maintenance.

You can use this free replacing windows cost calculator to get a better idea of how much you’ll have to spend.

Replacement vs. Repair

Are your old windows cheap, or were they high-quality? If you find yourself with drafty, rattling windows, you may not need to replace them.

A good carpenter can work wonders by freeing-up painted windows. They can replace broken panes or hardware. They can even add weather stripping or reframe the window.

Overhauls like this cost somewhere in the range of $100 to $350 for parts and labor.

The main problem with repair is that it is temporary. You are patching the problem, not fixing it. Over time you will lose money.


Did you know that choosing the wrong windows can decrease the value of your house? It may also make your house less appealing. That makes all the difference in a buyers market.

Find windows that copy the original architectural pattern. It may be worth your while to find a similar replacement.

Security of Replacement Windows

No matter which price point you shoot for, check the security features. Some of the most expensive windows on the market come with breakable glass, flimsy latches, and low-grade materials.

Make safety and security of

your loved ones a priority. Yes, even for second and third-floor windows. Talented thieves bring ladders.

What’s Next?

Window companies and contractors don’t have your back. They’re in business to make money. Usually, that entails using shoddy materials.

Be informed. Choose your replacement windows wisely.

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