How To Pick The Best Home Window Companies Near Me

Best Home Window Companies Near Me

Searching For The Best Window Companies? Follow These Tips

Choosing a window company can be a bit intimidating. After all, we don’t replace windows nearly as often as we change our oil or get our hair cut.

Because windows are such an infrequent purchase, we aren’t as likely to know what a fair installation price is or what sort of quality guarantee to expect. We need to do some research prior to choosing a company.

As you do your homework and look into local companies, here are 5 important factors to consider:

Warranty On Products & Installation

A reputable company will provide a warranty on the installation and will use products which are supported by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Be sure to get a copy of the warranty policies for both the installation and the products themselves. Compare how long each company’s warranty lasts as well as what it covers and doesn’t cover.

At Chicago Window Guys, we provide a lifetime warranty on all of our products and installations.

Licensing & Insurance

Before allowing workers into your home, you will want to know what sort of licensing and insurance they have. Some states and municipalities require companies to be licensed while others don’t.

An unlicensed contractor may be less expensive, however, there is no documentation that they have the highest level of training and expertise.

All companies are required to carry insurance policies. Before hiring a contractor, confirm that they have both workers’ compensation insurance and comprehensive liability insurance. This helps ensure that you will not be held responsible for paying for any accidents that occur during installation.

Chicago Windows Guys is licensed and fully insured.

Price Match Guarantee

Pricing is an important factor to consider. You are looking for the best quality at a reasonable price. When you find a company you are interested in working with, find out what their pricing structure is and how it compares to other companies.

If you have seen a better price elsewhere but really want to work with a certain company, ask whether they provide a price match guarantee like Chicago Window Guys do.

Customer Reviews

When you search for “Best Home Window Companies Near Me” make sure you check the reviews. Customer reviews are the ultimate report card for a company. When considered as a whole, they paint a picture of the type and quality of service you can realistically expect.

If most other customers had a positive experience, chances are you will too. If you see warnings about poor quality products, shoddy work, or dirty sales tactics, odds are you should steer clear.

Sales Tactics

Trust your instincts when it comes to sales tactics. If you feel like a salesperson is being pushy, deceptive, manipulative, or disingenuous with you, you are probably right. Walk away.

Some companies are very fond of using dirty sales tactics to ensnare customers. They will quote you an extremely high price up front to give you sticker shock.  A few days later, they “lower” the price to a number that comparatively sounds reasonable.

Please know that those companies’ final numbers are often still higher than a reputable company’s first and final quote.

Chicago Window Guys promises to give you a fair and honest quote up front without all the mind games.