How Much Does Window Replacement Cost?

Window Replacement Cost

When you’re considering replacing your home’s windows, one of the main questions you may find yourself asking is, “How much does window replacement cost?”

The short, and admittedly imprecise, answer to this question is “between $450 and $2,250.” The longer answer is that the cost is dependent upon multiple factors. Understanding what drives the cost of replacement windows puts you in a position to make the best, most informed buying decision.

6 Factors That Impact The Cost Of Window Replacement

Your per-window replacement cost will be impacted mainly by six key factors. Some, such as quality and type of window, you have a great deal of control over. Others, such as the structural condition of your home, you can do little about.

1. Quality of Window

“Efficiency” is the word most commonly linked to window quality. Efficiency is a measure of how well a window maintains the thermal separation between the interior and exterior environments.

Windows come in single, double, and (more rarely) triple pane construction.  Adding an extra pane of glass creates an insulative air pocket which improves efficiency.

In general, the more efficient the window, the higher your upfront cost, and the lower your monthly utility bill. Your contractor can help you weigh the pros and cons of each option.

2. Type of Window

The frame type you choose for your windows has the single greatest impact on your per window cost. There are many material choices, the two most common being wood and vinyl.

Wood is very aesthetically pleasing and is an excellent insulator, however, it is more costly. Vinyl comes in fewer color choices and doesn’t insulate as well, but it is less expensive.

3. Size and Shape of Window

If your home’s windows are within industry standard sizes, you are in luck! Your costs may be lower since manufacturers produce your windows in bulk and retailers are able to offer more competitive pricing on these readily available products.

Have a uniquely shaped or oversized window in need of replacement? Expect to pay more for the custom product.

4. Number of Windows

Imagine that you have several drafty windows in your home that you know need replacing. Another couple windows are borderline and you have convinced yourself that they can wait.

In this case, we recommend requesting quotes for both options. Often the cost per window goes down as the number of windows purchased increases.

5. The Home’s Condition

In older homes with windows which have been in need of replacement for a while, an inspection should be conducted to determine whether any structural damage has occurred from moisture infiltrating around the frame.

If structural damage is found, the subsequent repairs will increase your overall cost.

6. Quality of Contractor

Finally, ensure that you get what you pay for in a contractor by researching, obtaining quotes, and choosing a contractor with a stellar reputation. A knowledgeable contractor will give you honest answers to your questions serve as a guide throughout the window replacement process.

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