How Does Installing New Windows Save You Money?

installing new windows

You may be wondering if installing new windows can really save you money. Is all the hype good marketing on behalf of window companies? Or will new windows save you enough to pay for themselves?

The truth is that it depends. It depends on what kind of windows you have and what kind you are considering buying. It also depends on when you plan to sell your home.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of installing new windows and you can decide if it will benefit you.

Save On Your Energy Costs

As windows get older they get leaky and drafty. They are no longer keeping your home buttoned up tight the way it should be. You may even begin to notice the increase in your energy costs.

How much you will save by installing new windows can vary quite a bit. It depends on how bad your current windows are.

Do you have old single pane windows with lots of condensation? You can bet you’ll see a significant decrease.

If you already have double pane windows, you won’t see as big of a drop.

New technology is always coming out. That means that windows are getting better and better at insulating your home.

How do you know if new windows will benefit you? Check out this FAQ to self-diagnose your window situation.

Get a Tax Break

The Federal government offers tax credits for certain types of window replacements. The credit may not be huge, but every little bit helps to offset the cost of your new windows.

Once you pay off that initial investment, your energy savings is monthly savings. Check it out here to see if you qualify.

Better Resale Value

Curb appeal has a huge effect when it comes time to sell your home. Beauty, or the lack thereof, affects people no matter how much we want to think that it doesn’t.

Old, single pane windows with condensation streaks and mold stains are not attractive. These are the types of things that will turn buyers off in a heartbeat.

Shiny new energy star windows have the opposite effect. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but also energy efficiency is a hot item these days. Buyers want to enjoy those monthly savings on their energy bills just like you do.

How much resale value can you expect to get out of new windows? It’s hard to say. It depends on quite a few variables. According to the Chicago Tribune 10 windows replaced can equal a boost to your sale price of over $10,000!

Resale value alone may not quite pay off your investment. Combine it with tax credits and energy savings and you’re well on your way. Plus, you get to enjoy beautiful new windows in the meantime.

Installing New Windows

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