Home Window Trends You Need to Know

Window Trends for Your Home

measuring a window

When we think of renovating, the one thing that gets pushed to the end of the list is windows. Mostly because we think other people won’t notice them.

On the contrary, it’s clearly noticeable when windows are in need of replacements. The seals are jeopardized, letting in rain and the glass is diminishing because of long-time wear.

When they’re replaced, you’ll notice a more serene environment. Windows these days work better to block out outside noise.

But there’s more you need to know besides their functionality.

Ready to find out a few home window trends you can implement for your renovation?

Let’s get into it!

Energy-Efficient Windows

Did you know replacing your windows could save you a ton on your next electric bill? Double and even triple pane glass work to shield the outside elements.

No longer will the glass feel cold or hot to the touch. And you won’t have to worry about cranking the AC or heat.


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Jewel Tones

When it comes to curtains, jewel tones are the way to go. Their deep color meshes well with metals like brushed nickel and platinum.

It brings in a warmth with just the right amount of vibrancy. The most popular color is emerald, as it can go with almost anything.

Sheer Fabric

Sometimes natural light can be too harsh. You want to relax in your home, not to be blinded by the sun, right?

There’s a solution for that. Opt for curtains that are made of sheer fabric. You’ll get a warm glow of the color while also letting in the right amount of light.


Curtains can be missing the uniqueness some homeowners are looking for. Instead of shelling out more money on embellished curtains, do it yourself!

Getting decorative trim from the craft store is all that’s needed. Then, attach it to your favorite set of curtains.

It’s a great way to jazz up boring prints and patterns as well.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Are you wanting to be good to the environment while dressing up your windows? Get materials that are eco-friendly.

These include bamboo, cork, and hemp. All of which can be found as window treatments.


One of the hottest window trends is the use of metallics. These shiny, texturized shades give an edgier feel to living spaces.

They may not be everyone’s cup of tea but once you find a way to incorporate them, you won’t regret it. They can be jazzed up with an equally metallic rod or an understated matte rod.


Is your black and white color scheme missing a pop of color? A color that’s very versatile is yellow.

It’s cheery, bright but can also be toned down. If you’re looking for a vibrant look, go with a bright yellow. If you’re looking to keep it muted, opt for a mustard yellow.

Wrapping Up on Window Trends

It’s always fun to dress up newly replaced windows. You can use them to tie in the whole space or use the curtains as a way to add color and texture.

Looking to get your windows replaced? Get a free quote today!