Give Your Kitchen The Gift Of A Garden Window

Garden Window

If your kitchen windows are due for a replacement, why not go for an upgrade? Replacing something old with an identical new version of the product doesn’t feel nearly as exciting as revitalizing your space and changing things up.

Did you know that there is more than one type of window available for you to choose from? When it comes to kitchens, garden windows are a simple way to really tweak the look of your room and your house.

What Is A Garden Window?

Garden windows are a less well-known variation of a bay window. Just like a bay window, a garden window extends out from the walls of your house. The main difference is in the angle of the windows. Bay windows are at a 45-degree angle to the wall whereas a garden window forms 90 degree angles.

What Are The Benefits Of Garden Windows?

Garden windows have some pretty beautiful benefits which include:

Garden Windows Let More Natural Light In

If your kitchen feels dark and dreary, adding a garden window will bring in more healthy natural light. This is especially welcome in the winter when sunlight is at a premium.

With the additional sunlight, your kitchen will become a healthier and more inviting room. Who knows, maybe you will even start looking forward to washing those dishes.

A Garden Window Is the Perfect Greenhouse

In early spring when you need a warm sunny place to start some seeds, garden windows are your friends. They have plenty of space to give sprouts and baby seedlings a protected home to soak up sunlight and warmth.

The perfect home for fresh herb gardens is in the kitchen. A garden window with artfully arranged pots of fresh herbs looks and feels wonderfully uplifting. The plants help fragrance and purify the room’s air. They are also readily available to enhance your culinary adventures.


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Garden Windows Expand Our View

Whether you are looking forward to watching the cardinals at the birdfeeder or keeping an eye on your children as they run around the yard, it’s much easier to do with a larger field of vision.

Instead of only being able to look straight out as you do with a normal window, a garden window expands upon that. Now you can see off to the left and right as well.

Garden Windows Create The Feel Of A Kitchen Renovation At A Much Lower Cost

Kitchen renovation before and after photos are all over the internet right now. Everyone wants to transform their kitchens and create the feeling of a new space.  According to Home Guide, With the national average cost of a home kitchen remodel sitting at nearly $23,000 it may be time to rethink that strategy.

If your kitchen is still perfectly functional and you are just looking to change things up, replacing your standard window with a garden window may be the perfect option. The cost of a garden window is substantially less than a full remodel yet it creates a similarly fresh feel.

If a garden window sounds right for you, we look forward to providing you with more information and a custom quote.