Professional Door and Window Installation Dyer, IN

Bow Window Installation at Dyer IN

Doors and windows are a necessity for every house. They need constant maintenance because if they are damaged in any way, it can cause terrible effects on your home and your wallet.

According to,  one of the top 5 things to do to increase the value of your home is adding energy-efficient features. Having energy-efficient doors and windows installed helps more than just with the bills at the end of each month.

Recent Professional Window and Door Replacement in Dyer, IN.

For this project, we went a little further, down to Dyer, Indiana, located near the famous forest preserve of Plum Creek Meadow.

This little town is not only home to many beautiful parks such as Castlewood Park and Green Meadows Park, but also has many restaurants, a mall, and a bowling center. Due to Indiana´s proximity to Illinois, its climates are very similar, except for the amount of snow they get during winter.

Having extreme weather transitions has a tremendous impact on your house´s architecture. The effect of those long warm and humid summers contrasted with those windy and cold winters should be taken into consideration for your daily home maintenance.

Keeping the home clean, and under optimal conditions is what everyone should aim to do. Two of the top things to have on your list when making home improvements are doors and windows. Not only do home improvements help create a better place for you and your family, but it also increases the value of your house.

Doors and Windows Installation Scope of Work

A family at Dyer made the right decision to replace windows and doors in their home and contacted us to handle the professional installation.

Entry and Storm Door Installation

Selecting New Windows

Chicago Window Guys quoted them a great price on their most popular and highest quality window – the Climate Solutions 8000 series.

The 8000 series are double-hung windows, which are optimized for year-round comfort and energy savings. They feature an argon gas-filled chamber between the panes for insulation. The panes themselves come with three layers of low-E coating to reflect heat while allowing light to pass through.

The 8000 series windows come in six standard interiors and five standard exterior color choices from white to cherry or royal brown.

If none of the standard colors are doing it for you, there are also offers a large assortment of designer finishes and colors to match any décor.

They selected bronze for the exterior and cherry for the interior of their windows.


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Product & Installation Warranty

Since window warranty is transferable to new owners, in case Nicole decides to move, the new owners will benefit from the product warranty.

Perfectly Installed Bow Window



  • Homeowners from Dyer contacted Chicago Window Guys and requested a quote with us.
  • After receiving the quote, they trusted us to do the windows and doors installation.
  • They purchased the best windows for the best price – 8000 series.
  • They chose the color bronze for the exterior of their windows and cherry for the interior.
  • We replaced one entry door, a storm door, a bow window, one double-hung window, and three single-slider windows.
  • The lifetime warranty of our products will apply to new owners if they decide to move from that house.


Professional Doors and Windows Installation


Everybody expects to get the best service and products when they face the fact that they need to replace something in their house.

At Chicago Window Guys, we are experts that guarantee to get the job right the first time.

Our high-quality products include:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Premium CS Ultra Foam Space
  • Full-Fusion Welding Systems
  • Multi-chamber vinyl sash and frames
  • High-Precision hardware
  • HandMade-in-America
  • Multi-Point Locking System
  • Licensed and Insured Contractors

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