Outsmart Dirty Sales Tactics When Purchasing Windows

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Learn What A Fair Price For Replacement Windows Is

What is a fair price for a gallon of gas? A loaf of bread? A dozen eggs? When we buy items on a regular basis, it’s pretty easy to get a feel for what the current market rate is and to know if a business is inflating its prices.

Now here’s another question for you: What is a fair price for replacement windows for your home? Not so easy is it? New windows for our homes aren’t something we regularly buy. When we find ourselves in the market for windows, we often aren’t nearly as prepared to spot an overly high price. We are much more vulnerable to being taken advantage of by unscrupulous salespeople.

Three Chicago area homeowner couples recently found themselves in just this situation after receiving quotes from several of the big name window companies in the area. We are sharing their stories to help you be better prepared to spot overly high quotes and questionable marketing/sales tactics.

Please note that the windows sold by the big companies are of the same quality and meet the same standards as the windows sold by Chicago Window Guys.

An older couple in Aurora, IL wanted 5 windows.

One of the big companies originally quoted them $5,200 for the job. The company later dropped the price by $1,000.

Chicago Window Guys quoted the couple $3,150.

Two teachers with a newborn in Grayslake, IL wanted to replace 27 windows.

One of the big companies originally quoted $56k. Shortly after, they dropped the price to $34k.

Chicago Window Guys quoted the couple $18,900.

A married retired couple in Naperville, IL wanted 33 windows.

One of the big companies quoted them $59k. The price later dropped to $38k.

Chicago Window Guys quoted the couple $23k.

Are you noticing a trend? The big name companies claim that they are saving you money and giving you the best deal possible while all the while they are playing you. Like a magician, they create this illusion of perceived value through a series of carefully crafted tactics.

Let’s look behind the curtain and understand what is going on

  1. First, the company inflates their prices, so you get hit with sticker shock when you see the initial quote.
  2. After leaving you to agonize over your finances for a few days, the company contacts you again and demonstrates that they are on your side by slashing the initial price to give you a “great deal.”
  3. You may find yourself more inclined to accept the second quote because you have bought into the illusion that the original quote reflects the going market rate. You may be afraid that if you decline the second quote, you will miss out on the “deal” and end up paying full price.
  4. The big companies also know that some homeowners who have to decide in a hurry will accept the first quote and pay the inflated rate. These tactics add to the company’s bottom line and support their massive advertising budget.

At Chicago Window Guys, we don’t like being manipulated or taken advantage of, and we are committed to showing you that same respect while on your windows purchase process. We promise to give you our best, fair price up front without all the head games. After all, you shouldn’t have to go into massive debt for quality windows.