Are Used Sliding Glass Doors A Good Home Investment?

Used Sliding Glass Door

There is a certain appeal about buying new-to-you items. The allure of paying less than retail price and getting a discount can be very tempting. Sometimes buying used is a good deal and works out perfectly. Other times the decision that was supposed to save money ends up costing money instead.

If you are considering purchasing used sliding glass doors, you may wish to come prepared with knowledge of the potential problems that could arise once you get the door home.

Top 4 Things That Can Go Wrong With Used Sliding Glass Doors

Dirty Rollers

All sorts of nasty things can get caught up in the wheels of sliding doors. Bits of pet and human hair accumulate over time and get wrapped around the bearings until the door doesn’t slide smoothly anymore.

If your used door comes to you with dirty rollers, you will be stuck with the unenviable task of vacuuming someone else’s hair out of the rollers.

Broken Or Rusted Rollers

Rollers are usually made of a combination of metal and plastic pieces. If the door has been in a consistently humid environment, the metal pieces may corrode and make the door challenging, if not impossible, to open.

The plastic portion of the rollers wears down over time and can break on older doors. This also prevents proper door function.

Replacing the rollers means completely removing the door, purchasing and installing new rollers, then reinstalling the door.


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Bent Track

With heavy wear and tear over time, tracks may become bent. Whether the track bends inward or outward, it will create headaches for you.

An inward bent track pinches the rollers so that the door gets stuck and won’t fully open.

An outward bent track makes it much more likely for you to accidentally pull the door completely off the track when you are attempting to open or close it.

Fixing a bent track requires removal of the door and use of a strong pair of pliers (for inward bend) or rubber mallet and block of wood (for outward bend) to straighten the track.


Broken Pane

If the seal around the glass has started to weaken, the pane may disconnect from the frame entirely and shatter.

Replacing the glass is very time consuming and involves fulling removing the seal and the remaining glass shards before installing a new pane.

Bottom Line: Is It Worth It To Buy Used Sliding Glass Doors?

If your used sliding glass door happens to have none of the most common issues, it may well be a good deal. However, if you wind up requiring professional repair work done on the door, based on the nationwide average you may spend up to $392.

Add to that price tag the intangibles – all the time spent finding a repair person, the hassle of scheduling the repair, and the lack of warranties on the product.

Buying used sliding glass doors is a gamble and it is one that you don’t have to make. Contact us for a great door price on brand new, fully warrantied sliding glass doors and professional installation.