Apartment Window Installation in Chicago, Illinois

apartment window installation

While winter is not the most popular choice for a window installation project, the Chicago Window Guys consider it to be the best season if you’re looking for an affordable and efficient window replacement.

First of all, winter is the season when you’ll notice if you need to replace your windows.

When the next winter vortex roles through and temperatures drop, you’ll be able to answer these questions:

  • Old windows inviting the cold air inside?
  • Any leaking?
  • Hard to open or close?

Installing new windows is more than recommended if you want to keep your house warm during the cold winter months while saving money with the electricity bills with energy efficient home windows.

Moreover, this is the time when window companies drop their prices and allow consumers to purchase affordable windows.

The modern energy-efficient windows make sure your house is sealed against the merciless temperatures. Creating a protected and warm living space.

So, there’s no better time than winter to install new windows.

We recently finished a large apartment window replacement in the north of downtown Chicago.

Learn more about our recently completed project that included window and door installation services.

Chicago Apartment Window Installation

90 windows for Chicago apartment building

This client made the excellent choice to have their apartment building windows installed in December using the skills and experience of the Chicago Window Guys and taking advantage of the discounted prices.

The project took place in a five-story apartment building situated north of Chicago, on Sheridan Road, which offers large balconies, hardwood floors, lake views, and a concrete structure.

We used 90 elegant 8000 series designer double-hung windows to create an energy-efficient indoor environment and a beautiful exterior aspect.Apartment Window Replacement in Chicago

The windows are of the highest quality, with multi-chamber vinyl sash and frames, argon-gas filled chambers, as well as durable and precise hardware.

Moreover, the windows feature three layers of low E-coating to reflect the heat in the summer and allow the light to pass through.

Our client could choose from various standard interior and exterior colors, but the company also provides personalized colors and finishes.

Window Installation at Chicago Apartment Building

32 new fiberglass doors installed 

The Chicago Window Guys also handle door installation, and the client needed to install 32 doors in the same apartment building.

We installed 36 in. X 80 in. fiber-glass MP doors remarkable due to their 100% composite waterproof material that makes them untouchable by rot, composite brickmould, and fiberglass door panels to withstand any weather conditions.

Moreover, the doors are designed with Hydroshield technology to be immune to water and are energy-efficient due to the tempered and insulated glass, as well as the polyurethane foam core and compression weather stripping.

The lock block guarantees the highest level of security, and the lifetime guarantee attests to their sturdiness.


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Despite the cold weather and the size of the project, the Chicago Window Guys needed only two weeks to finish the project and deliver 90 correctly installed windows and 32 impeccable fitted doors.

We used the quality products and sealants to make sure the window installation technique is adjusted to the low temperatures outside, and the result will withstand the cold and pass the test of time.

So, it’s not impossible to have your windows and doors installed during the winter. It’s actually recommended it if you want to save money and benefit from a fast installation process because of the lower demand.

The Chicago Window Guys are always ready to work – be it winter or summer, a small or a colossal project. We got you covered…and insulated!