5 Tips on Home Window Maintenance

window maintenance

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then are your windows the eyes of your house?

Philosophical questions aside, it’s important to add window maintenance to your list of home upkeep chores. When people forget about their window maintenance, it can ruin the appearance of the entire property.

Read on to learn a few easy tips for windows maintenance.

5 Tips on Home Window Maintenance

Window maintenance doesn’t need to be a huge chore! By following the simple tips below, you’ll be able to keep your windows in great shape.

1. Clean Your Windows

For wooden frames, with a damp cloth, you can quickly and easily remove dust and dirt.

Make sure your cloth isn’t too wet. Otherwise, you can cause the wooden frames to rot.

If you have vinyl or aluminum frames then you will want to use a mild detergent to clean them.

Additionally, use a glass cleaner to leave your windows looking crystal clear.

2. Inspect Window Thoroughly

Once every three months you need to conduct an inspection of your windows. This helps you catch any potential issues before they become more severe.

Begin by checking the window frame and sash for signs of rot. You can do this by pressing on the frame or using a utensil as a tool.

If you have double-paned windows, you also need to check the panes for signs of moisture. If you see any, this means that the seal needs to be replaced.

Finally, check if there are gaps between the window frame and the wall.

3. Seal Gaps that Have Formed

If you notice unexplained increases in your electricity bills, it may be due to gaps around your windows. They cause the warm air in your home to escape leading to energy inefficiencies.

You can seal these gaps with spray foam insulation or calk. Additionally, you need to replace the rubber seals of your windows in order to prevent water leaks or air escaping from your home.

4. Repaint Your Window Frames

Plan to repaint your window frames every three to four years. This is essential, not only for their appearance but the pain also helps to protect your windows from the elements.

Make sure you don’t paint over moving parts because this can cause the window to get stuck.

5. Repair Damages Immediately

It’s crucial to attend to any damages that you discover immediately. If you ignore them or think, “I’ll just fix it next summer”, you’re liable to have your window deteriorate further.

One of the most common damages on windows, especially for older homes, is the wooden frames rotting. Of course, if you ignore this problem, the rot will spread.

You can temporarily fix the frame and prevent it from degrading further by using a tool like a screwdriver to remove the rotten wood and then filling the hole with putty.

For more significant damages such as broken window panes, you need to replace the frames immediately.

Take Care of Your Windows

Follow these tips and you can easily stay on top of your home window maintenance. By doing so, you’re not just making sure that your home looks great from the outside.

You’re also saving on energy costs and keeping your family safe.

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