3 Vital Things You Need to Know About Home Windows

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There are very few home repairs that can lead to a significant return on the resale market but windows are one of them, often returning around 80% of the cost.

That means that if it’s time to buy replacement windows, you’ll be performing a capital improvement to your property. You’ll not only be making a choice that could decrease utility costs but you could be setting the groundwork for a high resale price.

If you’re thinking you might need to replace your windows soon, here are 3 things not to overlook.

1. Look for Condensation

If you’re seeing condensation on your windows or between double paned windows, you need to pay attention to that. You could be dealing with serious humidity if it happens just once in a blue moon. But if you’re seeing it regularly, that’s a problem.

Condensation could lead to mold or mildew growth. Condensation means that there is a failure in the seal or something structural going on. Be sure that you don’t let in the kind of moisture that could lead to other more serious problems by sealing up your windows.

2. Watch for Drafts

If you notice that your windows have become drafty, that could be indicative of a number of issues. Drafts can occur when a house shifts and the windows no longer properly fit in a frame. It can also happen when frames wear down or deteriorate over time.

Watch for warping or shrinkage in your windows to ensure you’re not letting in all the cold air and letting out your heat. If your windows were installed recently, be sure that you’ve got some kind of warranty situation that you can hold them accountable for.

You may be able to patch up the area with the draft in the short term, but you should have the window replaced ASAP.

3. Make Sure It’s Not Too Noisy

If you’re noticing that there’s a lot of noise coming from your windows, you could have an issue. Windows should damper the noise coming from the outside to some degree but they can’t solve all of your problems.

If there’s some extra noise pollution and it seems like your windows are closed all of the way, you might be suffering some sagging. Your house might have shifted and your windows are no longer sitting snugly in the place they should be.

Hire a window expert and see if they recommend that you replace them. Noise will usually accompany other issues so if this happens, it could be time to look into buying some replacement windows.

Buy Replacement Windows Soon

If you’re noticing any of the issues laid out above, it might be time to buy replacement windows. As they’re a pretty inexpensive investment overall, don’t skimp when it comes time to replace them. Hire great contractors and buy high-quality windows.

If you want to know more details on how replacing your windows could lower energy costs, be sure to check out our guide on energy efficient windows.

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