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What Are Bay Windows?

Bay windows are beautiful additions to any home or building. A feature of Victorian domestic architecture but adorning homes since the English Rennaissance, bay or bow windows give the gift of plentiful natural light and create the illusion of a larger space. Unlike flat windows, bay windows add more light to your interior and enrich your home's architectural style with a touch of elegance.

Bay windows describe any protruding window construction. A multi-panel window that projects outward the exterior wall of houses, this window style offers panoramic views and creates interior extra space that can be used as a window seat or storage space. This bonus space can also be used to display plants or decorative objects.

Bay windows vary widely in shapes and sizes and can be one or multiple stories tall. Most often, they take the shape of an isosceles trapezoid, typically referred to as canted bay windows, and rectangles. However, various other polygonal shapes can be used when designing modern bay window styles, including, although quite rare, triangles.

In addition to the large variety of shapes, bay windows also impress with the wide variety of colors available to the customer. Furthermore, modern windows can now be built from a wide range of materials, and this goes for bay windows too.

Why are our Bay Windows the best?

Due to the large variety of shape, style, material, and color options, it's only natural for customers to hire only window installers with a vast experience in the field of window installation. Given that bay windows protrude from the structure, it's imperative that the window installation process receives meticulous attention.

Chicago Window Guys has decades of experience installing windows for any type of residential project. Our highly professional team will ensure your standard or custom bay window will be installed properly from the first try. And this is always preferable because an improper installation process will have an impact on your home's energy performance, and may even damage or shorten the lifespan of the window.

When you work with Chicago Window Guys, you know you will get the best windows for your house. We provide a large selection of window combinations and customizations, exceptional energy efficiency performance on all our products, the best finishes, design innovation, durability, custom sizes, decorative glass window grids, exceptional quality, and the latest in glass features.

Our window highest quality components include:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Premium CS Ultra Foam Space
  • Full-Fusion Welding Systems
  • Multi-chamber vinyl sash and frames
  • High-Precision hardware
  • HandMade-in-America
  • Multi-Point Locking System
Bay Window Installation

Should I replace my Bay Windows?

Bay windows, just like any other style of windows, have a limited life expectancy. Regardless of the quality of the materials used or the workmanship behind their installation, there comes a time when bay windows need to be replaced. Here are a few of the most common signs that let you know you might need to consider replacement windows or at least have a professional check them:

  • Visible condensation within the panels of glass.
  • You are experiencing drafts.
  • There is mold or blistered paint around your window.
  • It is getting more difficult each time to open or close it, which means the frame may be warped.
  • You notice leaks and unwanted air circulation.
  • The hardware isn't working correctly.
  • The window clatters or clanks while opening.

If you've noticed at least one of these signs, your current window situation needs to change because your window is no longer ensuring maximum energy efficiency performance. In fact, it is most likely that you are losing money due to its deterioration.
Invest in new energy-efficient and high-quality windows and you will be able to save money in the long run. Chicago Window Guys provides you with the best team of professionals for any window replacement, installation, or maintenance project.


What types of windows are available for your home?

All! Chicago Window Guys knows windows, loves windows, and is always up to date with all things windows-related. A single home can incorporate a wide variety of windows, so we always need to be ready to deliver advanced custom windows to answer your needs and fit your home. Here are just a few of the types of windows you'll find in our window buying guides:

Who can call us to install their bay windows?

Chicago Window Guys provides service throughout the Chicagoland area, including but not limited to:

  • Chicago

  • Arlington Heights

  • Aurora

  • Bolingbrook

  • Elgin

  • Evanston

  • Joliet

  • Lake Bluff

  • Lake Forest

  • Libertyville

  • McHenry

  • Naperville

  • Schaumburg

  • St. Charles

  • Waukegan

  • Wheaton

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Our Window Installation Process

No matter if you have one window or 1000, our team of licensed experts will help you each step of the way. All of our windows feature fully customizable hardware recessed into the frame for a modern appearance and state of the art functionality.
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In-home consultation to see our products and ask questions.
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With your window measurements, you will receive a quote.
Bay Windows


Insured and licensed installers will replace your old windows.
Bay Windows


We make sure you are happy and approve of your new Windows.

Pick the Perfect Color

Energy efficiency and state-of-the-art technology are all fine and dandy but we know you want to ask us about colors! Chicago Window Guys know that color matters and offers customers the possibility to choose the color they like most. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and color options play an important part in the process. Both interior and exterior colors are of the highest quality prepared to endure anything Chicago's weather would like to throw their way.

Interior Colors

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Other colors are available upon request

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most common questions regarding our window installation services.
1What happens during the first in-home appointment?
The first time we visit your home is typically a consultation. The goal of the visit is two-fold: First, we will look at the windows that need to be replaced or installed. Second, we’ll show you product examples and give you advice on what window is most suitable for your space, your home, your budget, your needs, etc. and provide quotes. You can expect this visit to last about 30 minutes to an hour. Please prepare by ensuring that the areas are clean and accessible and ensure any pets are accommodated accordingly prior to the visit.
2What’s included in the service?
Our window installation service includes;
  • Home consultation with one of our window installation professionals
  • Measurement of window openings to ascertain the size and dimensions
  • Professional recommendations regarding window styles, materials, glass types based on the space and your home
  • Quote for all labor and materials and financing options if available
  • Removal of existing windows
  • Delivery and installation of your choice of window size, style, frame material, color, glass type, etc.
3Is there a limit to how many windows I can have installed?
There are no limits, we’re happy to help you replace a single window or all the windows in your home. We’re here for you.
4Do you install any type of window?
  • We install all types of window sizes and styles (double-hung, casement, sliding, hopper, etc.).
  • We manage a large variety of frame materials (wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, etc.)
  • We handle an assortment of glass types (annealed, heat-strengthened, tempered, laminated, etc.)
  • We also have options for windows with different energy ratings (Energy Star, NFRC)

Why Choose The Window Guy?

For 25 years we have been working to give people the best product with the best installation at the best price.

Chicago Window Guys keeps it real and will never try to make you purchase services you don't need. If you only need one window installed, then we will recommend just the one. We have not lasted so long in the business because we cut corners and relied on shortcuts. We provide a straightforward, transparent, and reliable window installation service. We don't need to convince you should get new windows for your entire home. It's enough to see our products, and you'll gladly decide to have all your windows replaced. Give us a call!

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